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Sep 2013
I walked alone that late October's day,
through the quiet suburban streets.
Red and Orange leaves fell from the curbside trees,
dancing a spiral dance enhancing nature's beauty.

I walked alone, for being poor,
was reason enough to be ignored,
by the other kids I'd see.

Zigzagging through the neighborhood,
in my brown worn suit,
my only suit,
with the right pocket worn through
and my brown clip-on tie  rolled into a ball within the

As I quietly walked
I spoke  softly to myself,
imagining what it would be like,
to not be me.

But the love I had for my mom and dad,
my brother and sisters,
granted me the strength to hold on.
I swiftly moved on,
down the cracked sidewalks
as the colorful leaves circled in the warmest breeze,
as the brightest sun,
guided me on,
to the place I was accepted,
where I was never alone,
the little green house I called my home....
Reflection of a childhood memory......
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
Written by
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
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