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Jul 31
Thank you

You have more Skills
Than the professionals.
You’ve managed
To keep me alive.

All of the times I’ve felt alone.
All the times I’ve collapsed.
You tried to resuscitate

Since I’ve almost Died.
I felt every Significant,
Forceful breath.
Even though  
My lungs were
Filled with fluids,
From the ruptures.
You gave me

I’ve felt  Your strength,
Through The steps
Of Chest compressions.
As my bones began
To crack.

my soul Was fading
From the land
Of the living, And
I’ve seen you
Try everything
In Your power
To keep
My heart beating.

In my
Dying breath,
And with the
Final word that
I Can muster.
I thank you
Always wanted
To get a
Second chance.

And for you I promise
To Hold on. I will
Keep fighting
For you.
The blood
Has Started to flow.

Now it’s time
For you
To have faith In me
To pull through.
Written by
Justin  20/M
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