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Jul 2022
You are not good to see,
But good to bee
You’re the honey
The sun shine,
You swim like a his beams in the sea
You bloom like no one else to me.
I can take you as the jazz in the rain
Yes, you’ve brought me to the pain
The chaotic instrument in your noise
I fell for you not by the choice
you are not good to see
But you are good to be

You are not just a blue to the sea
You’ve become the distorted hue to me
The ugly face seems beautiful now when i read
The low quality
Piles of lies you’d thrown to me
I adored your warmth in this heat
My precious heart lullabies to your beat
At all, that night I couldn’t sleep
I found no tears to sob
I couldn’t weep

Yes the flowers are good to bee,
******* the nectar is what they seek,
I had to be one of the those bee,
I though this flower belongs only me.
Poor bee,
don’t expect them the loyalty,
of course, you are not good to see,
you were ,
good to be.

Yes, this is a one sided story,
the story where you'd wronged me,
showing my love was kept unseen,
one sided story it was always been

Flower allows the bees to ****
btches allows the dogs to fck
One flower one bee, imagine, you can’t
Here dogs are loyal but ******* ain’t
- Jijibisa Mero
Written by
Arise  25/M
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