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Jul 2022
Yo name ya poison,
I got many for choic-ing,
I prefer Hennessy, with a
Touch of Alize,
Blood batch mix, plus I keep at
Least 10 ****,
Around me, they call me
Cuz the D weighs heavy,
Girls they love me,
I stay above thee,
Kush clouds talk loud,
Without saying nothing,
Kids these days be bluffin',
Give em taste of somethin,
Bullets turn em, into
Pastors spiting biblical verses,
Over ya hearses,
Yes the flow curses,
Many who try to a-cometh,
I land on ya mind,
Check the verbal comet,
Like a ***** spiritual, you'll
Humm it,
I speak Lincoln Grants to Hundreds,
Multi money analysis,
As the words form like calluses,
On ya medulla immense,
Can't rinse,
Off the reign, that equal more drama to pain,
It's rise of Cane,
Took the spirit from Able, break
Down the label,
Mastered my tapes, got the company's
Can't play a fool twice, I watch the roll,
See how many snake's sliced,
And diced,
In the killing fields, marching my troops,
Like how Adolf feels,
Rap chancellor, you can't cancel tha,
Groove that got ya soul on a move,
Break emcees into crumbles,
Can't hold the mic, right ****** ya crown,
Got the biggest might,
Caught a high from the Rappers Delight,
Pass that Mary,
Show she can blur my sight, dimension traveler, til my skin is tight,
Gravity weighs, on ya noggin supreme, signal the bad man's theme,
As the piano sings, melodies to ya
Mind and body,
Miss the invitation, of the Illuminati,
Tried to blind me,
So pick ya drink wisely, despite thee,
Spirits of evil, walking freely,
As I deliver the fee fee,
Hearts feels for the empty, souls
Put out of control, broke the vessel,
Now I'm underwater as go with the glow,
Like an ocean tide, cold drifts
Of a homicide, see how my nine slides,
I keep it twisted,
Like Dr Jekyll and Mister Hyde
Bloodline of King Paiimon
Written by
Bloodline of King Paiimon  26/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth
(26/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth)   
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