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Jul 10
Alone in my room late, I’m ruminating, the lunar light shines through the window, everything is illuminated, thoughts streaming, stimulus, rejuvenation, if I can not sit alone quiet, then I defy the human nature, there’s a window through which I view the matrix, a human cage, the principle was union, but like wild flowers, our limbs are getting cut, pruned and mutilated, maybe a few can make it, so I apply the knowledge that I’ve accumulated, too much civilization makes sick animals, now I stand under what Jung was stating, there’s is no future to which you can make it, all i see though this hole is human enslavement, but like birds, you’ve become resigned the monotony of captivity, servitude and subjugation, I sit back and watch how all of you behaving, but I’m accused of laziness as soon I say this, this illusion based world that I refuse to engage in, but the hatred that lies in the heart of my peers will never pierce my heart, the truth is sacred, why would I walk the path that you’ve paved me.
Written by
Kawa  31/M/Sweden
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