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Jul 2022
You used to peer through me
But you don’t see my soul anymore

Destroy me to the core
Go ahead and adorn
The radiant light, you once adored me for
Score a discordant note on my heartstrings
Projected at the frequency
Which only my scars sing, darling;
The firmament is not much further reach
Here from fingertips length,
But I’m on the brink,
On God I’m falling to the depths my Snowflake
Please save me

Strike the chord
Now play me of your own accord
& I’ll fully internalize how always eternally
I’m truly yours
The call of the void forever beckoning me forth;
Gripped with accursed desire to let my soul drift
Upon these celestial shores once more
Unsure where I will wander and mourn,
Lovelorn, alone at the source, formless

I continuously spill from an empty cup
Feeling like my best will never be enough
I hide behind such a hollow front
Dreaming of the day that I don’t wake up

An assessment of my obsession presents
Once-harmonic progressions
Of which, have effortlessly effervesced
into unrelenting cosmic depression
But the pain doesn’t lessen
No matter the convalescence
From under the moon’s crescent,
I’ve been sentenced -
Ever since my adolescence

Something is wrong, though I trudge along
Albeit withdrawn, in a liminal state
Somewhere I don’t belong
Wallowing in disembodied sorrow, woebegone
While floating away into the great beyond
I forever long to haunt you
Cunning Linguist
Written by
Cunning Linguist  28/M/An illusion of reality
(28/M/An illusion of reality)   
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