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Jul 2010
Take a seat settle down into relaxation
Listen to the speakers pound with this vibration
Let the music lift you up like some levitation
On to a level higher then the man that's your destination
Now listen to me man, this one explaination
Why no one can live up to the expectation
Of a tyrant's trials and tribulations
How can we all congrugate to be one nation
If were all lead by a mental patient
Who slaughters other countries out of desperation
Doesn't matter if you're one man or the head of a corporation
They make the truth and you're forced to face it
So the middle class has so much frustration
'Cause we're all living in oppression with no compansation
They keep us blind in hopes for a revelation
You think you're free cause you can choose your radio station
Tell me why you're plagued by the thoughts and the temptation
Of a beautiful paradise called life's vacation
No hate, no drama this is our salvation
We're all different but we make the perfect combination
We must all join forces into one vocation
If we hope to turn this dream into our creation
This is actually a verse in a song I did with a band called The Sindicate back in highschool that we still perform today. It's a lot of people's favorite song.
Anthony Jarell Alexander
Written by
Anthony Jarell Alexander  30/M
   Angie May
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