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Jul 2022
Ommmmmmmm make sure this coward pays for what he did to families
Ommmmmmmm of that 4th of July parade
Ommmmmmmm he doesn’t care for families
Ommmmmmmm a stupid trump supporting ****
Ommmmmmmm please America don’t stop parades
Ommmmmmmm just tighten up security
Ommmmmmmm and make people get their stuff checked
Ommmmmmmm or follow steps of suspicious behaviour
Ommmmmmmm people have the flaming right to enjoy a lovely parade through the streets of Illinois
Ommmmmmmm help the people who lost their lives that day
Ommmmmmmm please America there is something serious you must do
Ommmmmmmm whether you like guns or not JUST THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING
Ommmmmmmm ommmmmmmm ommmmmmmm ommmmmmmm
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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