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Jul 2010
Who gives a ****

so I wrote another winer, boo hoo you twit
think anyone cares, just who gives a ****
I am just a grain, of sand in the wind
my pain is nothing and the horned one just grinned

yeah so now I'm bitter, my attitude *****
I'd kick your ***, for a lousy 5 bucks
its only a flesh wound I've certainly had wurse
I'm a wineing ******, I'll hit you with my purse

got pains in my arms, and I'm a pain in the ***,
had Taco Bell for dinner, and now I got gas
my stomach is rumbling, think I'm sick just a bit
why don't you tell me now, just who gives a ****

the Dow is down, my pressure is high
cholesterol is big, can't eat no sweet pie
I'm a no good ***, full of vinegar and spit
do you really think, anyone gives a royal ****

at least they finally plugged, the leaking of oil
that's what they claim, sing for me Susan Boyle
the problem with peaches, in the middle is a pit
if I choked on one now, just who would give a ****

yes I've had me some wine, and I'm a pathetic dude
my mouth can get foul, yes I can be crude
wonder what it would be like, to be Brad Pitt
I guess one is enough, like who gives a ****

tomorrow is Monday, so glad I don't work
in customer service or a grocery clerk
listen to ******* about the service they get
c'mon now, you think I give a ****      
I could probably rant, for more than theirs time
the jaws flapping on, my hands covered in grime
this year's British Open, no Americans seemed fit
it's all over now, and really no one gives a ****...  

Gomer Lepoet...
David Nelson
Written by
David Nelson  Missouri
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