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Jun 20
Precipitation perpetual loss
Fragrant thoughts that seem so lost
Rain comes thunder hear my pain
One lost soul remains the same
Wondering if I’ll feel something again
Precipitation potential loss
Wanderlust lost its touch
Damage caused by jealous hearts
Karmic laws protect us all
Should I reach out for it all
Knowing that I still may fall
Or should I choose to run away
Away from the vanity traps and dark games
A competition fit for hell
Only one winner will come out
A wicked way to view yourself
To only see one side of the picture
And not see beauty in all of life
Fake propaganda hidden messages
New world order who would have guessed it
A second coming who got rejected
Then called an enigma machine
Controller dominating the scenes
Rebellious until the very end
If you want my soul your out of luck
I cannot give you want you do not deserve
You can try to fool me but now I know my worth
It’s in between the in between
It’s in the ups and downs and all of me
I love the very core of my being
And that will your end you see
I’ll let go of your thoughts of me
To release the pain and think of pretty happier things or memories
I’ll transmute your hate into something else
But if you come back to hurt me twice the second time I won’t be so nice
Precipitation perpetual loss
This time round I don’t feel quite so lost
Lost in the insanity
Written by
ZenLavernaCaudell  25/F/In A Galaxy Far Far Away
(25/F/In A Galaxy Far Far Away)   
   Ken Pepiton
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