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Jun 4
There are so many things I'll never be able to ask you
like how did you sleep?
Are you hungry?
Do you want another cup of coffee?
How was your day?

All of the answers you won't tell me
to the questions I won't ask you.
I won't run my fingers through your hair again
as you lay your head in my lap, eyes closed.
Both of our hands interlocked as we watch a movie.
Or tell you goodnight as I slip into a deep sleep in your bed.
I'd never been so infatuated with someone
I'd never felt more lucky when we found each other.
I still have hope that you'll make my phone light up again
because you want to come back
and stay this time.
I would hold you like the day is long
I would whisper songs to you in your sleep.
I would kiss you as I once did.
your heart would flutter
and I would charm you like no other.
But the reality is even in my dreams you don't want me.
Last night, I dreamt that you told me you'd let me go a long time ago.
And I finally believe that.
I'm out of your hands and I'm fighting tooth and nail to silence the part of me that doesn't feel okay to be alone
I just can't stop thinking of what it was like when I was in your favor.
it was a long time ago,
and I can't change a thing now,

So tell me,
Can you believe this rain?
May 27th, 2022
Written by
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