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May 31
From you
Of you
By you
With you

From that time
Of that time
By that time
With you during that time.

From this time
Of this time
By this time
With you during this time

From that memory
Of that memory
By that memory
With you during that memory

From this memory
Of this memory
By this memory
With you during this memory

From that moment
Of that moment
By that moment
With you in/during that moment
I could be me
And you
Could be you

With me
Being with you
By your side/next to you
Or standing facing you
Of that/this time
From that/this time

From you
Of you
By you
With you

Because it’s that feeling
From you
The vibe I get of you
Being by you
When I’m with you.

Β© By HF-Whisper
'Dedicated to JP.'
Written by
TheWhisperingPoet83  38/F/Victoria
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