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Sep 2013
Oh mother,
what have I done to deserve this destruction,
This humiliation is beyond human imagination,
You have no idea how much I prayed for my existence ,
Yet you used those substances,
Those gloss illegal narcotics
given to you by that man across the street,
Still you weren't satisfied you went to that man in white,
as he made complete mess of me,
You killed my dreams & aspiration within mintines due to your desperation,

You deprived me from that beautiful place called earth,
In every breath of yours,
I was few steps closer in achieving my dreams,
I guess it's too late to change the belly of origin,

We shall meet another day,
The day I get to live again,
I forgive you,
But pray to the creator for forgiveness,
For he gave you goodness,
I'm a witness,
It's time to say goodbye,
I wish I could buy more time ,
toΒ Β converse with the mother I never had.
It hurts me,
it bites me,
it consumes me whenever I see kids been aborted,
words can't express now sad I feel,
let's make this world a better place #Stop-Abortion#
Written by
thinklef  London
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