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Sep 2013
You know that I must leave you,
The end is surely near,
We both knew this day would come,
Please don't shed a tear.

Life is but a journey,
Beginning with our birth,
I'd like to think it continues on,
After we leave this earth.

But I do have one big fear,
And it's not of the unknown,
But rather that my leaving here,
May find you left alone.

So, until we meet again someday,
I hope that you may find,
Someone who will share your life,
Someone sweet and kind.

But your happiness means more to me,
Than you will ever know,
And though I wish there were another way,
For now I have to go.

My only hope is you find the strength,
That you need to move on,
And may you once again find love,
After I am gone.

For, I know there must be a Heaven,
I've seen it in your face,
And someday we will meet again,
And once again embrace.
Written by
Vishal Glambert
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