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You can tell a lot about a woman by her charm bracelet.
Almost every woman in my life owns one.
My mother, my grandmother, even my aunts.
My grandmother’s is the loudest,
For it contains the most amount of charms.
Each one, a story to tell.
When I was younger, I would count them and ask about each and every one.
“What’s this one for?”
“Why do you have this?”
For each one, an answer, a story or two.
I was lucky enough to be gifted one myself.
It’s the quietest.
Only containing five charms.
I often wonder if my children will count them out,
and inquire about their meanings.
I wonder how many charms I'll have by then.
Is there a time I will stop collecting?
Will I ever cease to achieve?
I wonder.
Erika Gibson
Written by
Erika Gibson  16/F
     Nylee, a m a n d a and Benzene
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