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Apr 26
To the ones that I've fallen in love with,

Β Β First I would love to apologize from the furtherest depth within this bottomless abyss that is my soul about whenever I lost control of my rage. I just couldn't prevent those actions committed by that monster when he broke through my ribs, so he could escape from behind the brittle bars of His cage. I apologize for those countless days when my mind would just slip away, and the Angel that was standing in my place; yeah, he had fallen from his good grace, because his sweet whispers happened to be laced with a venom, that even up to this current date, there are still remnants of the appalling aftertaste . Maybe I deserve to be locked away behind a padded caged just like the rumors about me say; maybe I will get finally that much needed break from becoming the stress and giving power that fed the demon of hate; so now I'm tripping again over another heart I break. I know now that things will never be the same, but there is one thing that I wouldn't change, that would be the fact that no matter what came my way; I kept true to myself and remained to never to be tamed. I ensured that with you, I always have a place, or even be a thought that runs through your brain; even if that thought causes the both of us terrible pain. That me and you are somehow forever chained together, if only though, through our mistakes, and that I made it ascertained that I engraved, letter by torturous letter, every single one of my devils names since they are the reasons for my fame

From the shadows where they imprison all those that are considered a basket case, the almighty king of the foolishly greats,

Rodrigo Martinez Lopez
Written by
Rodrigo Martinez Lopez  24/M/75001
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