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Apr 2022
was it love
or was it just the rain which caused him to run under my umbrella,
ground water soaked through his nike shoes and our eyes locked
“how are we supposed to go home this time?” asked he, in a voice with frustration in which i just shrugged

was it love
or he just longed for a talk. we were both on our screens facing each other through facetime and his cute naruto pajamas got me so jealous.
“i miss her.” said he, suddenly in a frigid voice in which i nodded, slightly twinged because i got jealous twice that night

was it love
or was he just bored that he kept picking me up last november, night after night, saying he missed not me but my shrill laughter and my ears which were always ready to listen about his girl.
“how do i tell her I like her?” asked he, in which i subtly groaned telling my inner self, i wish i was her

was it love
or was it just me who thought there was something behind those little things. little things which weren’t little at all.
we were walking to our favorite place on that starry saturday night of december when he blurted in discontent, “you’ve gone cold.”
i smiled with guilt for i learned that he’s a shapeshifter; suddenly changed from someone i yearned to hold until sunset into someone i wish i never met
Dave Legalisa
Written by
Dave Legalisa  20/Genderqueer/Philippines
   Weeping willow
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