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Apr 2022
And the worst part is... I let myself down. I gave up on me. I got lost in the misunderstanding of what love should be. I fought for nothing but lies. When all i had to do was be honest with myself. As i mended the broken pieces of us i never took the time to fix the broken pieces of me. I ignored my thoughts. I neglected my own feelings. In turn it was our love that suffered. I lost myself piece by broken piece. I never realized all those pieces are what made me me.
                            ­      Love
This showed up from 2 years ago. How incredibly lonely and sad i was. How broken i felt. They say time heals. Which i do not agree. Time makes you forget. Time didnt piece me back together. I nurtured my soul. And i scrubbed every piece clean before replacing it. It took time yes. But i didnt just sit back and wait for time to fix me. I fixed myself. This here is one reason i love to write. I see where i was and how far ive come. And i dont ever want to go back to that place. Guess that might be a lesson learned.
Jme Love
Written by
Jme Love  43/F/Denied
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