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Apr 2022
I wake up to
Golden morning.
Stand up,
                 Stretch my arms,
                                                Brush my teeth
And walk in a perfect circle
Wondering where I’ll end up
                                This time.

A rat gnaws on my brain until
A million or so tiny words
                                          Bleed out of it
They all just read about
  The lacerated seams in my skin
That separate all of this
And all of that

Through this
                                 I picture you
Looking at me and saying
“I’m so incredibly lucky for you to be in love with me”
               Do you ever think that?
Mentally, I’m slaying dragons for you.
Im placing my hand on your back
Hoping you don’t think it’s a bit much

            The bare naked truth is
                                             You terrify me.
But in an okay way
                                 Or learning how to drive
It all could be over in 5 minutes
But it’s a thrill,
       You make me feel like a real person

But I want more than that
       I want you
To make a frame with your hands
        And put my face in it
             Then call me your masterpiece
Be a perfectionist,
                                           Perfect me

We’ve been on the edge before
                          Probably 50 or so times
Where I nearly traced over your curves
                         And edges
With trembling fingers
And surprised you don’t pull away    
Before we lose our nerve

And then I write about
                            Walking in circles  
Or some dumb metaphor
Scarred skin
                       And hope that you can relate.
Written by
Tyler  25/M/Arizona
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