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Apr 1
aged 14 they took me to this place

first thoughts when they took me

i was going to my grave

needles from which id never awake

police took me fully restained

i walked though the door

what **** i aint mad

you got this wrong

its normal what these voices are saying


im nursed in my room

vallys and olazapine

daze and confused

every bit of energy

is to fight and refuse

now im thinking

all day how am i getting back

i need my fix

from four days

i told them openup


window and second floor dow

n dropped to knees

now im struggling now

how am i gunna wal

k i need to sit down

thats the thing

about my frst time each voice of this psychosis there was nothing

that was wrong with me

n my thoughts were sound
You sent
still not understanding
but their circling

around aint taking thses ******* meds

are they ******* mad im sane im sane
******* listen

i aint being ******* restarined
first guy that tries
i wont hestate
i have a shard of glass
i was hoping to save
You sent
now their surrounding
now and its all getting tense
no idea which way to face now

then boom down
injection,s placed
room spinning out
i'm losing focus
the voices are easing but never will they leave one eye open one eye shut
    in to the deepest endless sleep im falling i'm falling waking up nightmares
i'm waking up
in cold sweats overwhelmed with stress without warning
Written by
daryll smith  milton keynes
(milton keynes)   
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