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Mar 31
The bittersweetness of kissing my youth goodbye
Today, I am dressing my youth in a white dress and lace
Painting blush and lashes, curling her hair, and painting her nails
I am handing my childhood  a bundle of white roses and eucalyptus
and watching her walk alongside my father
walking towards becoming a woman and wife
now I live for much more than I
Today I start living for our future
for our future home, children, journey
closing a chapter to open a better one
the earth blessed us with a gift
something so pure and precious
a blissful snow day gifted to us by angels
kisses from snowflakes on our cheeks from our ancestors
as we hold hand and hand I know there is no better love than I have discovered
many nights I have prayed with tears only God understands
searching for the man he is in every person I have met
I have rediscovered him after many lifetimes of searches
The love of my life in every aspect possible
loving him feelings like
deep belly laughs, cramps from non-stop giggles
a popsicle on a july day, windows rolled down in a truck no A/C on but the wind in our hair reminds us of youth
cigerates on a bacolny on Newyears watching fireworks
loving him is like seeing your entire future in his eyes
feeling every ounce of his I Love You's
never doubting
never worried
because I am secure in his love
my other half
I am nothing if I am not a draft from his rib
a love so precious only we understand
Written by
VOID  21/F
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