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Sep 2013
Opening scene: a girl and a guy we see
begin to converse, apple bobbing for words.

Time ebbs along just like a new song
tingling your skin with that guitar riff.

And she can't describe the world in his earnest eyes
he'll catch every golden wisp of a word fallen from her lips.

I see her laugh from the soul like I have
with you too many times to remember the trigger lines.

our story so similar to Him and Hers
so perfectly crafted, no acting required
but that idealistic movie proves to be
nothing but pictures in motion, no I love you spoken

Our fairytale
is doomed to fail
in technicolor life.
You and I
can only reside in
cinematic black and white

He thinks of her face in every wandering place
sits beneath an oak tree writing lyrics she'll never see.

She still can't forget when their curious eyes met
and serendipity will cause them to meet again.

They'll gaze at the stars and talk of how far
they feel from the earth cos what they've found is worth

more than gold dust
it could have been us
why must reality
eat greedily my fantasy?

the beautiful tapestry
of the love that people are made for

Will come undone
just when no one
expects it like
a thief in the night

Because this rainbow is defective
the agony and malice reflected
in lashing tongue red, those
words fall blue like hailstones

But this is the fee I pay life
for the golden creases of light
when you speak your mind
weaving hues I will never find
anywhere else
with anyone else

Our fairytale
may be doomed to fail
in technicolor life

But I'll take that chance
at happiness

Because life with you is far from
Black and White.
This would have been a song but c'est la vie... I'm not a hopeless romantic... Really..
Miryam L
Written by
Miryam L  Ireland
   Aisling O' L
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