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Feb 7
Funny how all of my memories consist of how the Streets was the One that raised me. This must be why all of my people are afraid of what’s to become of me when I finally lose the rest of my Humanity.

So while looking into this broken mirror, I can see the Devil sitting on my shoulder so clear; and I understand all of His sweet whispers He constantly fills into my ear reveals the truth behind all of the pretty little fears.

For even though to Her, My Love was just another game, I got to take back control and level up my plays. I must stay focused on Me, Myself, and My **** lane if I want to stop digging around the bottom, like searching for pocket change.

And before you think of attempting to destroy all that I’ve sinned to gain, remember that it was because of my devilish twisted name that you were able to obtain everything that you try and force under your claim.

So I’m learning the right lessons, no classroom; no time for regrets, just got to be the best to prove that “Almost” only works best at hand grenades and horseshoes.

Have the World out here chasing a living shadow; appearing from thin air if they create another round of issues; so please don't test the reasons why Jester a **** fool. Have your whole crew out here piping their Navy Blues.

‘Cause even though I'm improvising from all the initial programs, please make an effort to thoroughly comprehend that out here, every day's a battle just for me to wake up or return to the being part of this land; no Heaven is waiting for me, my soul has been ******.

These events have taught me to watch out for those who you let hold your heart. Surrendered mine out to a phenomenal soul that only wanted to rip it apart. In the end, what is left of this beautiful disaster might only be the faded scars, because I forced myself to erase Her painful memories with the **** back, squeeze, “Bang!!!”, and whiplash accompanying the flash in the dark.

Because it wasn't the ones that put out the labels proclaiming that I was the actual enemy, but the ones that were insisting that once,  They were very near to me. At least, make an effort to try and remember me before I get relinquished from the sight within the rest of my memories.

Maybe we could've found a way so the voices could have stopped, but we gave up our Lives, before we ever reaching any sight of the Mountain tops. Stuck in Our dreams, every second watching the ****** clocks. Trapped in Our Mental cages, fighting with time against the **** locks.

The isolation holds me daily performing a little comedy set on this stage of how the Loner deals with the spirit when it quietly starts to break, so I hope this letter will finally get all my thoughts into jotted into one place so I can hopefull, reach out soon and, every evil deed I must have committed to deserve all of this emotional and mental pain

I would have analyzed over and over until the rest of my scared time were like whispers in the wind, flying by. So no I lay me down to sleep, but Lord can you not take me on this night, and have mercy on me, because she left me with no other options but to get my mind right.
Rodrigo Martinez Lopez
Written by
Rodrigo Martinez Lopez  24/M/75001
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