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Sep 2013
My Window

Staring out my window,
sometimes the view is very wide,
sometimes the view is very small,
How can that be, it's the same window?,
sometimes my window is Cinema Vision,
sometimes my window is Tunnel Vision,
and sometimes the blinders offer no vision

how can I be so right, and yet again be so wrong?,
how can I love so deeply, and yet show such little regard?,
my world is so incredibly large,
and yet so infinitesimal,
I cannot believe most of the things I can see,
how am I supposed to believe the things I can't?

I wish I had answers to some of the troubles of the world,
but it seems I have none, nada, zip, clueless,
I consider my self fairly smart, but obviously I'm quite stupid,
is it me or does the world seem to becoming more difficult?
I can't even understand what is going on outside my window,
how in the hell can I help mankind?

Gomer LePoet...
and sometimes the blinders offer no vision ....
David Nelson
Written by
David Nelson  Missouri
   Kitty Prr and ---
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