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Jan 20
Time Traveler

    A crazy thought just passed through
My brain and I’ve blown my own mind
Now the following words are just for
Thought and they are unrefined

For I have yet to process anything
Because there’s so much that I don’t know
But with each word typed the seconds
Slip away and none can we stow

Understand that my brain thinks randomly
I try never to do things deceptively
I’m a man of honor and pride myself
On my honesty and my integrity

So as I share this information please
Don’t put me off as being crazy
I don’t take any drugs that would
Leave me feeling light and hazy

So here goes nothing, I travel time
And my theory is we all do
For there is no true present
I know what you’re thinking koo coo

Maybe you could be right
Because I can’t present it technically
And nothing I say can change anything
But our decisions can change our destiny

So as the past slips away with each breath
We inhale of the air in our atmosphere
We experience no real present because each
Exhale is in the future like a time traveler

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 01/20/2022
All rights reserved
Chuck Kean
Written by
Chuck Kean  57/M
       charlieboy, Eloisa, Larry and Adaley June
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