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Aug 2013
Silver moonlight, spotlights
                          through my bedroom's window
                            upon the hardwood floor.
                         ****** snow blankets the yard
                           a blanket of cotton aglow.
                       Leafless trees stand in quiet slumber
                      awaiting the spring's first warm breath
                thousands of tiny stars  dot the clear winter's night sky.
                    As I gaze upon this beautiful scene
                                   I think of Mom
                     small, frail, full of sweetness
                     who passed this early fall.....
             I remember her silhouette standing motionless in the
                                moon glow
                  near our little kitchen window
                   as the seasons came to call.......
A vision of mom before her passing years ago. Mom was my everything and my best friend, as a young child I would pray to god if mom ever died I asked him to please! Let me die too, for I believed I could never live without her.....But ironically when she passed, I felt as if she had never died and I still feel her presence with me today.....Nothing short of a miracle...
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
Written by
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
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