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Aug 2013
I hope you dare
To lean over a cliffs edge
Just to imagine what it might feel like to float through air
Until meeting what is inevitable
Some day
I hope someone deserving finds you
In your shell
And opens it up to find the pearl within
And doesn't steal it
But just stares
I hope you know
That i'll miss you
Like a leaf misses it's branch when it sways to the ground gently
Only realizing how much it needed the support of a branch to hold it
Rather than facing the true gravity of the situation that is your absence
It fades away
I know you
But I don't know you
I need you
But I won't die without you
Well maybe just a little
And sure new presences will soften the blow
Like how the first poem I heard you read blew me away
Now it feels like I'm being taken
By force
The force of wanting to escape all I've ever known
I just wish you were soon to be known instead of soon to be roaming yonder
So all I can do is hope you fall
Just so you can call
And remind me that even the strongest women
Have bad days
And true best friends can never really separate
If comforts me to know that in some alternate dimension
In some other place
We might be sharing poetry
For an infinite amount of days
Because if there was a place with no time
What would be our excuse not to chill and vibe off highs from listening to eachothers metaphors and rhymes
For like
A good solid day
Every week
And I had to sneak a kiss
After your peck on the cheek
Just to know if the instrument that formed so many beautiful sentences
Was real
And now I know
You're the most genuine person I may ever meet
And now I know I can't ever let go of your hands
As we balance on this tight rope
So long as my heart still beats
My best friend and fellow poet asked if anyone knew where to find the poem "I Hope You Fall" on the internet. I said "I will find it!". After a few beer, I wrote it. I read it to her a few weeks later. And now it is here in case she misses me and wants to hear my voice through my words to her :)
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