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Dec 2021
Hunger to make sense of the nonsensical tore through my mind.  Searching for a truthiness that was null because they said it was.  Not able to be possessed.  ‘Twas Laid before me a plate of maggots to eat.  Smell of rottenness, the foul stench of a bandwagon.

I looked up for the Sun and they pushed my face down.  My intellect tried to reason and so I was labeled; “ist.”  “Cast your eyes downward and agree” they bellowed belligerently.  Agreement is always truthiness as long as you agree with the approved.

But I was not moved, though the mob pressed in upon my flesh with angrily flashing blue checks.  Their ire raged at the prospect of dissent.  You must believe the right beliefs, the pure beliefs, the approved beliefs.  To stray leads to your demise and of that we will ensure.  

You see, YOU are the source of all truthiness.  Your hate is pure hate.  Holy hate.  Your “ism” is pure and holy.  A neo-ism.  A neo-ism that is unlike your isms because your isms are impure and unholy.  Not approved.  Void of truthiness.

I reeled at the contradiction.  My stomach cramped and my thoughts raced.  “Nothing is objectively known.  Nothing is true unless I say it is.”  But what I say is not approved so it’s a lie and untrue.  Unapproved.

I sensed the absolute quandary.
They drove me from the money changer’s table in the foyer of the temple.  Their righteous indignation raged against my impurities and lack of truthiness.  I was diseased of mind.  A ***** screaming “unclean!” to the holy and clean masses to prevent their corruption.

They hung themselves on the cross of my indignation.  My inability to gobble down the foul plate of maggots that they placed before me.  Unconvinced of it’s pleasant odor and deep flavor that was not.  Because they said it was.  Although it was clearly not.

“Do you not see our righteousness?  We are Pharisees.  Our father was Abraham, but he was not.  And we don’t believe in your lying religion or even in our own,” they said.  “But you must submit to our infallible religion because it is holy.  It is pure.  It is approved.”

“Because you people believe that which you can see, touch, and feel.”  But all religion is a lie they said.  Except theirs. “Believe or suffer the lake of everlasting fire for your treacherous thoughts.  Your weak search for unapproved truth.  Bow.  Confess your absolute wretchedness of which no evidence can be found.  Because we are truth.”

We are approved.  We are truthiness.
Written by
Scot  M/Las Montanas Del Paso
(M/Las Montanas Del Paso)   
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