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Aug 2013
We live in a passive nation.
Where people are so numb to the gum that attracts A man to woman.
We live in a place where **** and divorce are now The norm.
We were taught that marriage was sacred yet the People who preach it are those who dont avail it.
When people teach and preach their lies to defend Themselves they know they are wrong but deny What their eyes define as truth.
We've come to accept that those who do wrong do It for right reasons.
So now execution by state is okay because a man Can pass judgment on man, and the people do not Think twice !
We use a book written ages ago to cover up our Pathogenic lies and shield others eyes to their Lives.
But that's the norm.
We allow others to do what they please, because They have the "power".
But that's the norm.
We no longer cry because someone has been Murdered on the news.
Because that's the norm.
We slander people and hold their shadow to their soul and why?
Because it's the norm!
Marquise Conyers
Written by
Marquise Conyers  The depths of my enigma
(The depths of my enigma)   
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