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Dec 2021
Tonight I am being shamed
For doing no wrong
A healthy act
That I did all on my own
My room was warm so I opened my window
But my blinds were fully drawn
I heard some sounds
While I performed
A stranger had joined to
I guess watch the action
Made there presence known
But with no much reaction
I kept my stride because
Who of us two was in the wrong
Me in my room all by myself
Or the one to creeped up to my window
What a disgrace
but I didn’t stop, I finished my task
Because the one who was outside the window
Didnt know and didn’t ask
But I am fairly certain for the past 10 years
Everytime I Masturbated
There has always been at least one pair
Of eyes and one pair of ears
And I’m just ******* sick and tired
Of trying to live my life
Handicapped by someone outside
Trying to control me with thier
Shameful words
And trying to control me with fear

So I just **** and and finished the job
Because I knew that I wasn’t doing
Anything at all wrong
And if you did t want to be with me while I was doing that then you definitely did not have to come up to my window In my yard and literally make your self fairly well known and proceed to stay at my window in my yard making noises to either enjoy the show or to try to intimidate or scare me  so I would ******* my my room all alone with no way to see what I was doing unless you literally were inches from my window you ***** little devil you. And since you proceeded to hang out even after I asked you to leave then, good for you homie you got a free show. Now get the **** over it and maybe if someone is pleasuring themselves and you don’t want to watch, then get the **** away from the window
Analytical skitzo
Written by
Analytical skitzo  28/M/Sacramento
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