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Aug 2013
Love is never judgmental and is accepting of our short comings, ours stumblings and falls.
Always given freely and sets no terms or conditions to the one who is to be receiver of love.
Love is given willingly, unconditionally, without thought to agendas orΒ materialistic rewards.
Sees wonderful qualities and beauty within and is never repulsed or put off by physical flaws.
Never ending, at times, but level and intensity changes with passage of circumstance and time.
It never deliberately brings forth feelings of being broken or endless depression; love is kind.
Sharing of grievances falls upon open mindedness and ears ready and set to listen and hear you.
Love never takes a pregnant pause or hesitates in acceptance of being who you were born to be.
Knowing no one born of human or other forms on this planet is perfect; include self, is love.
Love inspires random acts of kindness without thought of any form of personal benefit to self.
Realness in love makes you feel as if you can climb the highest mountains and reach it's peaks;Β Β 
forever encourages, but never seeks destruction of mutually healthy relationships and dreams.
Took heartbreak to finally discover what love means to me. It was painful but worth the experience.
Betty Ponder
Written by
Betty Ponder
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