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Dec 2021
the shower has been a place of solace for me
for many years now
it is a coffeehouse for the freedom-less.

my personal philosophy over the years
has been more about what freedom is
than personal identities.
unless being a self-proclaimed thief of oneself
from time to time

freedom has been many things to me
it has been unattainable
simultaneously a promise of the future.
it has been a mindset.
it has been a commodity.
it has been my exploitation.
it has been the removal of people from my life.

but now it is different.
I am an outright criminal now
for having completely stolen myself,
i think i have chance.
i have a strong, fighting chance.
am i entering the promise of the future?
and is that future one in which i am free?

more analysis is to come,
but it seems that i ought to work on
my philosophy on personal identity first
since i have won personal identity in this
promised future.
perhaps having an identity is freedom
fun to reread through all my other poems and see how freedom is a reoccurring theme
Written by
ilo  19
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