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Dec 2021
kissing so loud I can hear ringing in my ears, as our lips smack
touching so often, my skin has memorized, the ridges naturally embedded in your fingertips
I can smell your cologne before you walk through my door
the warmth from your breath on my neck becomes my motivation and willpower
I know the weight of your footsteps as you walk through the cold hall
I admire you to the point of no return
I surrender, all the bad trapped within my past
just for a chance with you
I never want to lose touch with your gentle flesh against mine
my sweet angel, you mean too much to me
your snores and quickness in your lungs as you rest, slowly have become my serenity
I am completed engulfed within your passion
Before you, I feel like a burning house
too upset with flames and rage to stop ripping apart memories and happy common areas, at which I used to feel safe.
Before our grinning exposed teeth and belly pain from laughter,
I was a ghost. Allowing my past lover to ****** me again and again until I came back with the concept of revenge.
you have taught me to find peace with my rage
to slowly forget the bruises the past men left behind
I used to be a lonely screaming bird trapped in a rusted gate
until you opened the doors to freedom and self-discovery
I was addicted to living in my past
and now I feel free
my sweet angel
Thank you.
Written by
VOID  21/F
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