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Nov 2021

In my head three were singing
And two were dancing.
I pondered the crab's immortality.
I wondered about blue almonds,
Dreamt of green horses on walls.
My head was in the clouds.
While in the moon,
I thought about the calf's death
And pregnant birds.
I was gathering wool
While away with the fairies.
I ate rice milk with angels.
I discussed the gecko tail's flexibility.
While gazing at the cypress tree.
I was swimming in watermelon juice.
Thinking about the rooster's eggs
While my soul was hanging
Upside down from a tree.
I was asleep with my eyes open
Thinking about sinking boats,
Dreaming about fodder like tired horses,
Building castles in the air.
Then a wind blew me
On a white horse and took me
To another valley where
I wandered about in a forest of cookies.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 24-11-2021
Harald Pfeffer
Written by
Harald Pfeffer  60/M/New Zealand
(60/M/New Zealand)   
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