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don’t take a picture on sunflower road.
don’t take a picture with him
with his arms open wide
and his face to the sky
or your next four years will be ten

don’t take a picture on sunflower road
before you have earned your bouquet
don’t point your lens
at the statuesque man
if you don’t wanna be delayed

some say there’s no curse,
that your fear makes it worse,
but still it fulfills without fail

like the priestess at delphi
each saddening selfie
dooms the fool’s smile to a wail

it will take what you give
til your brain is a sieve
so you’ll never leave;
never lay down your load

listen to stricture,
the unwritten scripture:
don’t take a picture
on sunflower road.
university tradition/urban legend, but make it creepypasta
Henrie Diosa
Written by
Henrie Diosa  22/Non-binary/Marikina
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