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Nov 2021
It's been a long way in frost and heat.
We've seen it all and made through it.
We'd gobble snow with birch-tree mess
And grew as high as tower bells.

When crying, we spared no salt,
When feasting – sugar glaze.
Bell-ringers, with their callous hold,
Would tear up nerves of copper amps.

But times are changing really fast,
Domes are short on golden plates.
Bell-ringers loaf about,
And bells are crushed like beer cans.

And here we go, we dance around
We hide like rabbits in our land.
Well, if bells don't wanna sound,
Then it's time for jingle bells.

Heart will ring behind the ribs,
Ravens, shoo! To the four winds fly!
Hey! Get ready steeds!
Let's ride off into sunrise!

But horses 've been short on shoes,
No wheels 've been oiled up.
Whip is gone, saddles' hooked,
And all knots've been long untied.

In the rain, all roads' like rainbows,
Trouble's brewing, it's no fun.
But the harness is bell-spangled,
So, c'mon, let's have a run!

We'll clatter, snap and whistle!
It'll get to the bones, right to the core!
Hey, old chaps, have a listen
Of Russian bells' wrathful ****!

We've long been chewing swears with prayers.
We've been kenneling with lights cut off.
We drink in liters, sleep daylong,
We've even given up on songs.

We've tarried long and got by filthy,
And so we've come to look alike.
But in the rain, we sure will differ,
And most will come as honest, kind.

Let papa Tsar-Bell is no more!
Our guitars will save the day
Since big-beat, blues, and rock'n'roll
Spellbound us right away.

Our chests' abuzz with electricity,
Hats to snow, let's go kick ***!
Rock'n'roll' a lovely heathenry...
I do love
This time of jingle bells.
Alexander Bashlachev
Written by
Vyas  37/M/Russia
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