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Nov 2021
aka the artist, aka prince aka PRINCE

now, that is slick!
dropping your last name, to make you more famous
even though yo daddy was there, to give it to you
and he is already famous

smith really is a boring name

independence day for your new nation's mind
what do they call the first independance day?
not the one we celebrate yearly.
but the one where it first happened?

i am sorry if i hurt you
oops i
did it again

oops i did
it again
oops i did it

this is brittany *****!
i think she knew who it was
who needs a last name to draw a buzz?
what came first, the peach or the fuzz

all i ever got was the pit

is it okay if i call you willow smith
or is it miss willow
i will not use all caps for anybody!

i come first!
as you probably knew, before me...willow smith has changed her name to bold...for a spoiled rich girl. who may deny reality...either way, i am being forced to do things i don't want to do, and type things i do not want to type
Written by
LiLMiSSHoTRoD  54/M/Cleveland, Ohio
(54/M/Cleveland, Ohio)   
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