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Aug 2013
The blood runs through my veins
Along with the bloodshed;
The vigorous signs my heart used to deliver
In the form of messages passing through my fingers,
And fingers that bend in order to send
Those messages in details I could not comprehend,
Are gone with every bone broken
Back bending beneath buses
******* embezzling banners;
I believe today would be the day I stand out,
I stand out with every outline; the structured harmony of my soul
I stand out with every sound I can compose; the music played by my brains
I stand out with a rush of blood rivering through words, for dry are my veins;
And lines that recount history and history that repeats itself
And selves upon shelves next to staples and pens
And ***** with hens holding hands called humans;
Humans that **** humans,
Humans that save others waiting for the day someone saves them
Humans that **** humans,
Humans that speak the truth, the truth that I found in a misguided princess
Humans that **** humans,
And humans that get killed just because they chose to buy a popsicle stick listening to pop music
Not knowing that the only sound that’s gonna pop
Is the explosions beneath buildings penetrating fortresses built on fake pillars.
The killers,
Pressing buttons to **** generations and creations,
The million situations. Stressed upon hallucinations;
Stations for minds hidden beyond and between internet waves,
That cave upon a lost child who decided to misbehave
Upon an anarchist who took the pledge and determined to conform
Upon a mother who realized her place was in the arms of another man;
Manhandling my personal opinions
You took the power into your hands
Swirled and twirled with blood of women that hurled
Earrings and purled; necklaces.
The lost child of destiny is not scared he is offended;
The hometown of teen aged memories,
And discoveries
Of body parts and surroundings become but a threat;
A dept,
He has to pay, for his "ancestors" decided that tax money is not enough.
He stood there.
Opened the door to a lethal mind
With not so lethal thoughts,
Grabbed a pen and a paper and cried down
What had him tied down
To the knees;
The degrees of love he found
Within a lovers bound,
The sound of bombs
Blocked his vision till he hears no sound
And suddenly it all darkens
And suddenly it all lights;
And suddenly the wheels of everyday labor
Become grim reapers and hospital sweepers;
The girls who thought those guys were keepers,
Couldn't keep their heads attached to their bodies
And their bodies flew along with the flowers they blew-
Off when they were children saying
"with this flower goes my wish
And with this wish I will grow up to be a flower".
The flower that died with no roots,
The roots that were never attached;
In a country that exploded,
In a country that died
In order for them to live.
So let's be Shakespearean and claim immortal on ink that will sink in eyes that'll blink
For the tear drops that will descend burn,
Let us be Shakespearean and live forever
On papers that will never die…
I lost, i lose a country...
Written by
MAJD S  Lebanon
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