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Aug 2013
It seems to me,
That we live oh so,

Dreaming up hypotheticals
Without ever leaving the windowsill.

A stand-still, if you will.

What good is a man's word
if most of the feelings go unheard.
Unable to project outwardly into the world they think they know.
Whether real life or fantasy

I believe

That the collective extent of imagination, is me.

Or at least part.

How lost is a man, whose demeanor shows no heart?
One beats, but one seeks passionate adventure right from the start.
How will he know of the ecstasy that lives within you and me?
Maybe we should go up to him and hug him, enchanted by electricity.

Synapses fire
But the soul flows.
Breathe deep,
Watch the seed of hope grow
Tomorrow never knows,
Now may be all we have
Let's let go,
It pains me to see you sad

Changes are the strangest,
Yet a fascinating constant.
Go in your own direction,
Before you wonder where everyone went
You've made a dent but cant prevent
The relentless ambush of signals
Steering you away.
It's hard, I know it is.
Be the light to shine your way,
and stray from the unscrupulous.
The times burned are lessons learned,
Take charge of that which you've yearned.
The ingredients are there, you just have to stir.
Share the fruits of your labor
To the open, closed,
The in-betweens,
And those yetΒ Β to be exposed.
The spirit is stronger than
Our brains currently interpret.
Inside the insight is where we undoubtedly flourish.

Let's please,
Feed each other if we're malnourished
Let the emotions come to the surface,
To break free and find our purpose
Don't be nervous, show no fear.
We all pass on,
But we're always here.
I just feel we must leave a legacy,
That won't disappear.

Reincarnated to influence
and reproduce love.
In my absence, I've still got your back
From the cosmos above,
within, and all around.
We can never stop the learning process, while handing out all we've found.
Symmetrical symphonies without even making a sound.
..So we'll let the soundtrack to existence play..
But remember,
Every word becomes a part of the experience,
Even that, which you do not say.
Written by
   --- and brianna pulver
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