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Aug 2013
Conceived together by ***** cells
We grew together
And we got born together
Aren't you suppose to be my best friend
My other half
My missing rib
Instead you're the one throwing rocks at me
I have to hide while you're free
Born 40 minutes after me
But you are always first in everyone's eyes
You are the star that shines so bright
I'm the fallen star that's only a piece of rock on the ground you walk upon
Just a stone you kick into the pavement

You're the summer everyone loves
Oh my, my twin brother, you light up everyone's sky but mine
You drown me in my own tears
Bullied me into depression
I'm just your toy but when we were little
I always fought your fights
Confronted your fears
But now I'm just the 'other twin' that's good for nothing
Call me names
Tell me I'm useless
I'll just sit in the corner and make my wishes
Oh my, twin brother?
Where is she now? When you need her she'll be gone
Her name will be engraved in a gravestone.
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