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Jul 2010
and when at last I rest
I will
forever hold
the mystery of your life and love
close to my heart of hearts
at one with the universe
and as I think of all the things
I failed you with
in so many ways remiss
yet forgiven

the bulwark of that state of bliss
will be to know I loved you well
not perfectly
but well enough to be
the deepest satisfaction
of my life

If such repose is
as they say, eternal
then eternally i will love you well
and when time itself collapses
and the universe, in a reverse big bang
coalesces back into its birth

my matter will rejoice because indeed
the new physics does predict
parallel infinite worlds
that side by side

lucky me, reborn in an infinity of ways
to infinitely love you once again.
Written by
Wil Wynn
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