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Oct 2021
grew up smart
gifted, bright
told I could do anything
be anything
now at sixteen
burnt out
things don’t come as easy
and it pains me
that maybe I’m not as smart
as I seem to be
a fraud
a broken brain
in an exhausted shell
I don’t know who I am
or how to fix this hurt
I had this plan
all laid out
how my life was supposed to go
and now my dreams are crumbling
I keep running but my dreams keep getting farther away
every step I take
this wasn’t supposed to be my life
happy innocent ten year old me
looks ahead to this darkness
and mourns our childhood
a time to which we can never return
my face a facade hiding this pain
masking, burnout, the cycle goes on
why can’t you hear me screaming
help me
gifted kids grow up
get depression
I, a gifted kid, need help too
I, a gifted kid, wish I were you
but why can’t I ask for help?
Written by
Lila Platt  16/F/studying neuroscience
(16/F/studying neuroscience)   
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