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Oct 2021
Ten Long Years...

For the last ten years I've been suffering,
But, no, I don't want to tax you, dear friends,
With my sob story, since I know
That this pandemic has played havoc with many people.

No, it has not affected me at all or my family.
My family? That word makes me laugh bitterly.
Where is my family? My mom has gone,
Taken away by the deadly cancer,
My gramma has gone due to old age,
And my dad, Oh, whom I loved so much,
Who loved my mother intensely,
And I thought that he would grieve with me
For my mother, his darling wife,
And look after me as she used to do,
And my aunt will lessen my grief
With her music as she used to play for mom,
But, NO! These very two people hurt me,
Stabbed me straight in the heart
By marrying each other very shortly
After my mom was laid to rest.
Oh! What a haste! What a haste!
My dad became Claudius,
And my aunt proved to be Gertrude!...

They didn't say a word when I left
My house where I was born and grew,
Where I learnt many things from my mom,
Including playing piano, which, very sadly,
These two people have sold!

If that was not enough, then my Bestie,
With whom I spent the most beautiful years
Of my life at the Queen's College,
She succumbed to an horrible accident,
In which I got my leg fractured,
Suffered multiple injuries, only to come out
After almost six months with scars
And a broken heart....

Now I am all alone on my own,
Still gathering pieces of my broken life,
But I will surely rise again,
Only to fulfil the promise I had made
To my Bestie to pursue my research
For the betterment of the mankind.

© Portia Burton
Portia Burton
Written by
Portia Burton  30/F/London
   Weeping willow
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