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Oct 2021
Carat-deep heat destroys contagious; whistling in the trenches of empty playgrounds and a weedy woman Instead of cheerfully cheering, rich child-thugs, vulnerability teaches each other to survive! There is already a feeling of hostility in a state of consciousness, hidden in conscious uncertainty! We are all standing in a whirlwind lane and we are either ******* or doing enough tricks! We study grimacing faces at the edges of skulls! Today, Hon is still a caressing dream of a waiter, a seeming America, where cheap inflationary forints are also gaining power!
The limbs, which have been severely plasticized, turn into syrups with an expired warranty, and nowhere to get the words of sincere-friendly gestures! This current ***** misery is appetizing; you can't help bear no one's suffering anymore! Sunlit solarium faces glide into a melting target on the donkey ladder of envy; the rusty arrow trembles in vulnerable hearts! This current swimming pool looks like a huge, gaping pit in Kettle-Country! - Among ******* demigods and goddesses freaking in bikinis, what can skinny meatball boys do?!
The traditional feeling of life also smells of cooking oil, and you have no idea that the compromising details will remain unfaithful in themselves! An unmistakable hallmark is the scent of every busy worker! How much new oriental culture and obscene ******* will the tolerant of the party and festival ether! "Prophets can therefore cultivate on paper the traditions of standing in the wilderness!" "You can only know the original sin, but for me it is enough for a whole pathetic life!" You had plenty of time to get *****! The question is: How do you want to look cleaner again?!
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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