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Aug 2013
I knew her heart was there but she didn't listen
My words had numbed her the day before
And today, I see her white gown flowing in the wind
Her emotions stirred like the leaves of the shivering willows
He sees her madness as she sinks
He knows her eyes were never fixed on him
I feel a tear sliding down my cheek
I wipe it off as if it were never there
The preacher's words call for silence
It falls as heavy as our hearts
The bride's eyes cry for help
She's calling for me
I know if I hold this in it will not be considered peace, it will be agony
His eyes are begging me to hold my words
So I do, out of respect
I see her hopes fall
Her happiness, crushed
The rings are put on fingers meant for lovers
Rings meant to symbolize eternal love but to her, they mean nothing
Just cold metal clutching to her finger
Reminding her of the imprisonment of unhappiness
I see her resentment to me
I may never be forgiven but is it my place to ruin a happy day?
Written by
Hello Haley  23/F/America
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