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Oct 2021
I cut my lungs on the night air
And breathed you in, wondering what you’d think
Of the sad songs living in my head
All the somber things I haven’t written yet

Pessimistic optimist, my hope isn’t quite dead yet
Despite the ***** shovel, nails and casket
Midnight prayers find their way
Slithering past my teeth
Whispered, breath to hide underneath
As honest as ill ever be
Unsure if there is anything for it to mean

Death cab on repeat
Its been stuck in the car stereo for weeks
Don’t think I’d take it out if I could
It’s finally starting to sound like me

Smile and kiss beneath streetlights
Parking lot conversations give my anxiety chase
Following the fog our laughter makes
Trying to fill the silence before my inevitability
Crashes back in our way
And I remember that you’re leaving
And I still have to stay

Death cab on repeat
Been stuck in the car stereo for weeks
Just like me
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