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Oct 9
He chased illusions
On the horizon visions
His will but iron clad
To follow the hidden secret path
His eyes fixing with care
Ne'er loosing sight of whats waiting there
An illusion to heavy alone to bare

He traded: dreams for reality
Living of fantasy but gladly
As the real world started fading
He had traded security without
What's given up goes without explaining

He had been told
That to have it,something must be sold
He had traded his youth
To become only but old
He longed for the promise ahead
Still but only slightly keeping his head
Whilst his hope beat barely in his chest
The chance to escape the finality of Death

Alone on his chosen journey
His desire to obtain it still yearning
He had lost his way back home
He had traded companionship to be lonely
On his way to be only
Far far away from but knowing
Death cant be avoided plainly
He was misled and falsely guided
Too late now to be reminded

Illusions seldom come true
Frederick le roux
Written by
Frederick le roux  M/south africa
(M/south africa)   
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