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Oct 2021
i always wanted to do them

and, for a long time,
       I thought myself great

yet, the more I chased greatness
the more it eluded me,

until I found myself to be not unlike a
pretty face with nothing behind it

I will never be great,
the chase for perfection is ceaseless
at least now, I can stop trying to make myself perfect
a rather egotistical approach to these things, in my opinion

instead, I want to make the things I put out into this world great
and they can be,
because my ego isn't attached to them
and so they're freer from myself than I could ever be

and that, to me,
is perfection
a perfectionist's ramblings
mal frost
Written by
mal frost  20/M/canada
     Abby, Ayesha, Dani Simpson and SPT
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