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Oct 2021
A valid domino principle is already fully valid in all cases! Good luck washing, all chirping taps are a good treat, a shaping that pushes each other into the back! The minute reputation of brilliance is never rushed by the fall of the Individual! It seems like a ten-minute, self-contained pall of a job interview repeated to the point of boredom! Dancer-comedian will hang your clown lace at an angle more easily if you know even the dog is not curious about his sensation! Who they like to see as an obsessive failure, a loser even from humanity - it could easily be that he wears every moral prime!
You did not intentionally commit the retaliatory principal sin! The classic case of overinsurance only applies to him! There’s always just the smell of ammonia from the sharper scandal smelling in the infected V.I.P air! My little boy chatter would be taken down immediately by the absolute adults! The nail-biting tactics of creative women lurk deep in their counting souls; more second fiddlers have never been needed just in this misguided time!
With a slender, superstitious body, he snakes from guy to guy until he gains the privileges of a carefree luxury lifestyle! Incorporated sources of error have always been easier to blame! The rider of exotic evenings is already every jampec fool: easy, overnight adventures forever knowing everything! The germs of immortal romance are dwindling! Why do Don Quixote's chubby face have the unwilling slap first? They go through a whole life as an orphaned victim! Only a few could know the Stars from the sky to lie down
Norbert Tasev
Written by
Norbert Tasev  36/M/Hungary
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