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Oct 2021
I don't want this
I don't
I don't
I just wanna be free
Can't be me with her around
Cause the me I got
ain't even real
I don't want this
She is everywhere I go
Can't stand her presence
bein' around

I just wanna be me
The me that I created
Not for real
Not for real
Can't be real

I just wanna be me
Fake old me
Li'l ol'me
Pretending to be some one else.
set the scene;;

this is a male response to a females attempts to form intimacy with the real person inside the false, defensive shell that she has caught a glimpse of, and fallen immediately in love with. he is not used to tru intimacy, it scares him tremendously, and instead of going for it, he opts to repel her in favour of protecting his falsely created life of fantasy bonds with others. the value is placed on what is fake and defensive, whilst discounting the real and the intimate.
Written by
chicken  United Kingdom
(United Kingdom)   
   Heather and 42
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